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Beri SMS messaging solutions is a leading organization which provides the solutions helping to communicate efficiently with customers, employees, candidates and social media networking communities. It enables people to communicate faster, at optimized price performance by sending bulk messaging.

What is bulk SMS? It is the spread of large numbers of SMS messages for delivery to mobile phone terminals. Moreover, bulk SMS is the most economic marketing method existing today as it can be an effective marketing tool. The bulk SMS service also allows for clients to transmit the bulk SMS via HTTP, FTP or SMPP interface, and from any web server. Furthermore, bulk SMS has the power to maximize your revenue and margins whilst minimizing costs by increasing your business productivity improving levels of customer service and facilitating authentication processes.

Beri SMS messaging solutions team comprises of highly skilled members and highly experienced mobile telecom engineers who provide the best service. We are focused on quality which is the goal of our work.

We believe in maintaining good relationships with our clients as it builds long term cooperation in business. Therefore we guaranty the best quality at the optimized price.

Nowadays technologies play an important role in the society. As a result, we use the latest technologies to fulfill the client’s expectations. However, people make technologies, so we stress the importance of highly skilled team members.

We try to encourage and price employees in order to build a permanent team. We think that a company should never stop trying to get up-to-date information, follow the latest technology possibilities and try to imply them in the most available way for the clients.

Keep your clients in touch about your news, discount and much more. Bulk SMS is the faster way, because:

  • Reliable and fast interaction.
  • High quality performance.
  • Qualitative communication for available price.
  • More discreet than telephone calls.
  • The possibility to reach costumers periodically and at special occasions for various reasons.

and much more ..