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Short Message Service (SMS) is becoming more and more popular among people. Not so long ago, mostly youth used texting, while the elderly preferred calling. Nowadays, even 50 year-olds know how to read text messages. About a quarter of the world, 1.8 billion people, is using texting services daily.

Why is texting’s popularity increasing significantly? Messages are more convenient than calling – while a person could not take a call, if one is in a meeting, one could easily get the information via text message. Not only has the convenience brought more people towards texting, but also the cellphone manufacturers have made their effort by creating cellphones that have QWERTY keyboards, so that people could text easier and faster.

Since texting is one of the most popular forms of communicating, SMS messages have been known to be a perfect way of advertising. Many big companies, such as ESPN, Amazon etc., use texting to provide their subscribers with news and information about the promotions. Those corporations have mastered the science of advertising by using text messages.

What makes SMS messages better way of advertisement than others? Just one simple fact – everybody reads the text message that one gets. In comparison, we can look at another significantly increasing way of advertising - Facebook ads. Although Facebook ads do not have as bad reputation as e-mail advertisements, it is just simply inefficient. When you buy Facebook ads, you pay for the views, but that does not actually mean that all of the people will end up reading your advertisement. You can prevent wasting money on people who do not pay attention to advertisements online by hitting another spot!

SMS advertising is a new way of advertising that is significantly increasing. One of the contributory factors towards popularity of SMS advertising is that it is extremely price-efficient; you get the most for your money. There is no way that a person could not read your text message, once it is delivered. In addition, you get reports whether your messages was delivered. There are no “invalid clicks” or any kind of scamming materials where people just try to make money off your advertisements. With SMS advertising, you will never experience people scamming you.

Geo-targeting is not for you, and you are not looking for the particular country, city, etc? Instead are you looking for age-targeting? Yes, you found what you were looking for! With SMS advertising, you mostly are targeting to the most commercial-ductile community that has buying power. People that mostly use cellphones are between 14 to 45 years of age. This means that they have buying power, or, if they are teenagers, they have a power to make their parents buy your product.

SMS advertising is a way to go, if you are looking for some serious popularity for your brand!

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