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Danny Noriega


Danny Noriega graduated college in 2005 with a B.S. in Communications. Ever since the graduation from college, he has been looking for the ways to convert his knowledge into something useful and beneficial for the people. The Beri SMS is his third project that should be controversial in the advertisement industry.

Tyler Wallace


The CEO of the company has been a business manager for various companies over the time until he found the Beri SMS. Tyler got so attracted to the whole idea of the new way of advertisements that he decided to stay with us. The Beri SMS is the first company that he has been the CEO of but Tyler has already passed our expectations.

Johnny Tillman


The leader in the marketing industry, Johnny Tillman has been with us since the very beginning of our company. He is responsible for all the advertisement campaigns of our company. Johnny always does his best to attract more customers to our company, and, so far, he is doing an amazing job!

Violet Walthall


Violet, as well as Johnny, works in marketing section of our company. With her help, we are able to attract many more customers to our company. Not only does she help us to attract the customers, but also her superior communication skills let us expand our coverage to larger and larger areas.

Steve Gross

Sales chief

Our sales chief is responsible for managing all the sales we make. Steve Gross has been doing an amazing job not only managing the sales, but also increasing the number of the sales we make. His ideas of different way to generate more sales have contributed considerably to our company.

Nicole Stephan


Nicole has been a successful sales assistant in every company she worked with before us. With us, she is even more successful! We are welcome to listen to her ideas, and she has plenty of them. Nicole graciousness attracts more customers to our company and we are glad we have such an experienced person working with us.

Debra Rush


Debra has just graduated college with B.S. in Sales Management. However, we do not discriminate and we are welcome to have a person without any previous work experience on our team. Debra has been a successful addition to our team and her management skills increase our sales and help us to keep track of the sales.

Steven Burke

Leader development

Our development manager is responsible for the maintenance of the website and all the services we are providing. Steven is the person who deals with all the issues that appear in the way of creating a new way of advertisements. If you have any questions regarding the technical problems, either of the website, or the services, Steven is the person to be contacted.