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July 30th, 2022

New discount system for best our clients!

The adVerus puts their clients as their priorities in every single aspect of the business. We try to do everything possible to provide you, the customers, with the best quality services for the cheapest price. While some companies just have constant prices, we worship our customers. The more loyal the customers are, the better discounts we provide them. There are three ways our customers can achieve better prices and get more discounts.

The first way to get discounts at our company is to refer your partners and associates to use our services. You will start getting discounts if you have two or more referrals, and the discounts will increase until you reach ten referrals. However, even if you reached ten referrals, you are always welcome to invite more people to use our services. You might be wondering what the benefit is for you from inviting more than ten people, and the answer is that you will get discount for active referrals.  Active means that they have to send at least 500 SMS messages a month for you to get the discount. In addition, the discount renews every month, if they send 500 SMS messages every month. If you have two active referrals, you will get 5% discount; if you have four active referrals, you will get 10% discount. Once you reach seven referrals, you will be given 20% discount, and 30% discount for 10 referrals. Not only do you benefit from these discounts, but your referrals do too. Each referral of yours will get 20% discount for the first two months of using our services.

Another way to get better deals with the adVerus is simple – use our services. The more active you are using our services, the better deals you will get. If you send at least 5,000 text messages a month, you will be given a discount, starting at 5%. The maximum discount you can get by sending text messages is 30% discount for all our services. You will achieve 30% discount if you send 50,000 text messages a month, or more. Although these might seem to be a large numbers, usually, our clients have address books of more than 80,000 numbers in it, what makes it effortless for them to get discounts.

The last, and the easiest, way to save money with us is add money to your account for the long run. If you are looking for the long-term relationship with us, this is a no-brainer. If you add more than 30 euros to your account, you will start getting discounts. As well as using any other way of getting discounts, adding money to your account will give you up to 30% off your regular price. Another thing to remember is that the discount will last for one month. If you want better prices for more than one month, we suggest that you keep adding less money every month to maintain consistent discounts.

Nobody else in the market but the adVerus takes the customers that seriously. Our job is to keep our customers happy and provide them with the best deals. The discounts are our way of thanking you for being with us and helping us develop into such a large company. You, the customers, deserved the best, and we do provide the best!
More information about how to get more and better discount please join or sign in and open discount page.

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